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Picture of Douglas Grindle

Photo: Ken Paprocki

About Douglas Grindle



Douglas Grindle is an analyst and researcher and former freelance correspondent.

A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, he spent six years as war correspondent in Afghanistan and Iraq and has an unparalleled understanding of rural Afghanistan as well as insider views from inside the military and civilian war effort.  

He worked for the US Agency for International Development for two years as a field program officer in southern Afghanistan.  He also worked as a field researcher for the Department of Defense for almost two years in the same area.  

He spent hours every day working closely with local Afghan leaders, officials and farmers, understanding their needs and desires, and helping to develop ways to address the problems and bring stability and peace top the area.  He is one of the few Americans who has spent years in the field, understanding the war from the perspective of the Afghans and the Americans, working to find solutions, and working hand in glove with Afghans while empowering them to act.  

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